Tharavad! The first venture of Nanma Charitable Trust®
Established in 2009 in Kannur District, “Tharavad”is located at Muzhappilangad Madam. You will reach the destination by walking or driving 1 KM through Jawan road from NH-17.

Nanma Charitable Trust

Tharavad has been facilitating the needs of hapless human beings who came from various situations, difficulties and miseries with the grace of Almighty and the help of generous people. Currently, the residents include orphans, the sick and the aged, widows, bedridden and a few others who have been ousted by society and have nothing of their own, nowhere to go, and no one to take care of even their basic needs. They were staring at destiny with no rays of hope!!!

How could we be noble unless we have no empathy in our heart for fellow human beings? Futility of the materialistic gain and the detachment from mortal world and the thoughts and prayers of permanent rewards may lead us to righteous path. Then, our inner thoughts for righteousness will start to emanate and push us to achieve it.

Tharavad sets a vision that provides the residents with a safe haven, extending selfless services through dedicated volunteers who would help keep them at total peace and close to society.

Tharavad is not only to go beyond the thoughts of existing as a mere destitute home which provides food & shelter alone, but to serve every resident with a care, love and affection that is parental in nature, that would be different from all conventional thoughts.









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Neither an orphanage, nor an old age home; it is a happy home built by bunch of humanists