Heirs of Tharavad

Still the silent, gasping, quiet prayers for the recognition of being human ringing in our ears! Tharavad listens for it from the following sects with patient ears and a kind heart;

  • Sick and bedridden old aged women.
  • Ignored and rejected by relatives and society.
  • Divorcees with no one to take care and nowhere to go.
  • Ladies with unique needs.
  • Disabled and having no one to take care.
  • Mentally retarded women.

“Tharavad” is ready with both hands extended towards the needy to satisfy their needs!
Beloved Prophet Mohammad said: “show mercy to the people on this earth, then, the one who is in the sky will bestow His mercy up on you” (Thirmudi 1924)
Is there anyone who doesn’t need Almighty’s grace and kindness??

Indeed! While trying to understand the pain and suffering of fellow human beings, the feeling of empathy that follows will keep us grounded and humble.