Tharavad! The first venture of Nanma Charitable Trust®

Established in 2009 in Kannur District, “Tharavad”is located at Muzhappilangad Madam. You will reach the destination by walking or driving 1 KM through Jawan road from NH-17.
Tharavad has been facilitating the needs of hapless human beings who came from various situations, difficulties and miseries with the grace of Almighty and the help of generous people.

Currently, the residents include orphans, the sick and the aged, widows, bedridden and a few others who have been ousted by society and have nothing of their own, nowhere to go, and no one to take care of even their basic needs. They were staring at destiny with no rays of hope!!!

Here comes “Tharavad”, extending its branches like a huge banyan tree for the people who are craving love, affection and respect from everyone.
For them, Tharavad is a happy home where they feel the peace, warmth and prosperity of family and they recognize it as their own maternal abode.

Indeed! Tharavad is striving to return their identity & self-esteem that they lost in their fateful journey of life.