Vision & Mission


Tharavad sets a vision that provides the residents with a safe haven, extending selfless services through dedicated volunteers who would help keep them at total peace and close to society.

Tharavad ultimately aims to ensure:

  • No human being should be thrown out to the streets.
  • No women should be sleeping on the streets fearful for their modesty.
  • None of the bedridden should scream without getting proper attention and care.
  • To convey a message to all – The value of the most mesmerizing truth – “mother”.


Tharavad is not only to go beyond the thoughts of existing as a mere destitute home which provides food & shelter alone, but to serve every resident with a care, love and affection that is parental in nature, that would be different from all conventional thoughts.

It is a purposeful journey with a motto “all of us there for those who have none”.